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I'm a Game Developer with a focus on Production and Leadership

Is your company scaling up? How confident are you with your active processes and internal culture? Are those able to scale as well?
How to start on your next project? How to use and share the previous learnings? What mistakes to avoid?
Launching your next project and continuing the success of a project into live operations is far from an easy task. If you see yourself asking those questions, then I can probably help you.

Skill Tree



  • C/C++ 14/17
  • C#
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • PHP/JS


  • Tech. Design + UML
  • Build Systems
  • Continuous Integration
  • Unit/Auto Testing
  • System Design


  • Unity3D
  • SFML
  • Qt
  • Versioning GIT/SVN
  • Atlassian Suite



  • Agile/Scrum & Kanban
  • Standard Project Managmeent
  • Risk Management
  • Brainstorming techniques


  • People Development
  • Facilitation & Coaching
  • Tech. Recruitment
  • Pitching & Presentation

Contact me

You can contact me using my LinkedIn profile below if you have any question or are interested